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One common thing between all the human beings is that we all face problems both in our life and business side.

This is why I think problem-solving skills should be the first assignment to be taught at school.

Fortunately, in our reality, everything has two sides and also two possible interpretations. So in the back side of Problems lies Opportunities.

Every problem is an opportunity of improvement.

All we need is to shift our mind.

For achieving that, you can hook your mind with feelings and thoughts of joy, faith and purpose. You can get it, taking with you a loving picture, or something that automatically shifts your state of mind that energizes you.

Holding that perspective you become a player, you will see all problems as opportunities, and you will be playing your game instead of being a victim of your circumstances.

Besides, if you walk your player side consistently and fully aligned with your values, you will move into your next level and become a Hero inspiring others and being an authentic leader.

Be aware that you are always choosing the path you follow.

Be brave and make history.