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How you see your world, becomes your world.

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How you see your world is the result of your deep thoughts and emotions.

Sometimes we do not see the world as we would would like to be.

Affortunately as human beings, we can change what we think and consequently how we feel with it.

I recently found in the course Ultramind by Mindvalley, these affirmations and declarations which I loved and I would like to share them with you:

I seek the good and recognize the opportunities in every situation.
I always give myself and others permission to grow and learn from mistakes with compassion and understanding.
I release the past, appreciate this moment, and look forward to my inevitable success.
I am a definite optimist, and I think so big that my existence positively impacts the world.
I am so happy, optimistic and audacious that there is no room for worry, doubt, fear & anger.
The universe has my back and supports my worthy mission in life.
I always attend to my own self-love and well-being first and serve others from my fullness.
I speak of abundance, health, and happiness to everyone I know and meet.
I deeply love, value and respect myself and others so much that there is no place for fear.

Toni Padrell

Toni Padrell

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